Week 5: God, the jealous lover


People may look at the title  and think I’ve finally lost it lol but let me explain.

In the book of Exodus (34 vs 14) we see God telling the israelites not to worship any god aside from Him because He is jealous. In that day and age other gods were far from scarce and hard to find, whether they be golden calves or ashtoreth poles. Now, people think because they are not bowing their heads down to a pole or random statue that they are not arousing God’s jealous nature. Wrong! So many times we idolise man made things (phones, social media etc) and allow them to take presidence over reverence to God (i.e. texting/whatsapping in church). At times we even worship mere humans like ourselves. We must stop this. God must be above all things. Seldom would we interupt a conversation with friends for something insignificant so why…

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