Philip and the Ethiopian Acts 8:27-31 

Bible Lesson: Acts 8: 5-13, 26-40.


Acts 8: 29

Then the spirit said to Philip “ Go near and overtake this Chariot”.



Philip was a respected member of the Church at Jerusalem who was chosen as one of the seven first ‘ deacons ‘ ( Acts 6: 5 ). Following Stephen’s Martyrdomm, Philip took the gospel to Samaria, where his Ministry was blessed. Subsequently, he was led south to Jerusalem -Gaza Road, where he introduced the Ethiopian Eunuch to Christ and baptized him. ( Acts 8: 26-38).腓力傳福音施洗

He was then transported by the Spirit to Azotus ( Ashdod ). He is last seen in the Scripture when Paul lodged in his home on his journey to Jerusalem. He had four (4) unmarried daughters who were prophetesses. ( Acts 21 : 8). 

Lesson Outlines:

1. Simon the magician believes. Acts 8: 9-13.

2. Peter visits Samaria. Acts 8: 14-25.

3. The conversion of the Ethiopian Treasurer. Acts 8: 26-40.


1.  Simon the magician believes. Acts 8: 9-13.

Simon the magician (sometimes called Simon Magus) stands in contrast to Philip and his work. Magic was a significant form of religious expression in the ancient world. Simon the sorcerer has a seducing spirit to make lies look as true, an enticing of the devil. God’s Word is against the spirit of sorcery. II Kings 21:9; Acts 20: 30; Deut. 13: 6-10; I Tim. 4:1 ; II Tim. 3:13 ; Deut. 18: 10;  Acts 13: 6-11.


2. Peter visits Samaria. Acts 8: 14-25.

No one had told the Samaritans about the Holy Spirit. That dimension of Christian experience was missing from the group. But when Peter, who had experienced the Spirit, informed them of the grand possibility they eagerly opened the windows of their souls to receive God’s gift of the Holy Spirit through prayer and laid hands on them. 

The Spirit, having broken down the racial barriers that denied Samaritan religious access to God, now breaks down a physical barrier to faith as well. None would be judged based on racial and physical characteristics. Entry into the kingdom of God would depend solely on a spiritual relationship with God. Simon ( the magician) thought that if he could have that power, his act would be a real winner. He had the audacity (boldness) to offer to buy the gift from Peter. 

Peter informed the startled charlatan that he had never really had an experience with Jesus and that he would never receive The Apostles proposed a solution that pleased the entire community. That solution involved selecting a group of men to administer this assistance to widows. Like the Apostles, these men were chosen for their wisdom and their spirituality.


3. Selection and Installation Acts 6: 5-7.

The Church selected their Ministers and set the seven (7) apart for their Ministry.

Stephen is named first, and he became the primary character in the following narrative. He is followed by Phillip, who would become a major figure in the expanding Christian witness.

The other five  Procorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas and Nicolas from Antioch play no further role in Acts.

The Church presented these men to the Apostles, who confirmed the Church’s decision by praying and laying hands on the seven.

Be selecting of Seven, the Apostles were free to carry out their primary responsibilities of preaching and bearing witness to Christ.



Lesson Outline by JESUS CARES LIFE CHURCH: Ancona Italy. Images from Google.



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