Who is a giant? Is it not written in the Bible that “Ye are gods?” Psalm 82:6. This implies there’s a powerful potential inside of you.


Isaiah 52:1-3 MSG

1-2 Wake up, wake up! Pull on your boots, Zion!

Dress up in your Sunday best, Jerusalem, holy city!

Those who want no part of God have been culled out.

They won’t be coming along.

Brush off the dust and get to your feet, captive Jerusalem!

Throw off your chains, captive daughter of Zion!

3 God says, “You were sold for nothing. You’re being bought back for nothing.”

1 Timothy 4:11-16 MSG

11-14 Get the word out. Teach all these things. And don’t let anyone put you down because you’re young. Teach believers with your life: by word, by demeanor, by love, by faith, by integrity. Stay at your post reading Scripture, giving counsel, teaching. And that special gift of ministry you were given when the leaders of the church laid hands on you and prayed—keep that dusted off and in use.

15-16 Cultivate these things. Immerse yourself in them. The people will all see you mature right before their eyes! Keep a firm grasp on both your character and your teaching. Don’t be diverted. Just keep at it. Both you and those who hear you will experience salvation.


Wake Up! Awake! Get Up! It is when you are down that there’s a need to be a rising up. 

Who is a giant? A giant is an imaginary or mythical being of human form but of supernatural size from the general definition. This is about the potential to be great lying dormant inside of you. There are colossal, massive, mammoth, vast, immerse and extraordinary potentials inside of every individual. When these potentials are channelled in the right way, great things are achieved. 

The Apostle Paul, in His letter to Timothy, talked about stirring up the gifts in him, never allowing anyone to despise his youth!

There is a general saying, “The Graveyard is the Richest place on Earth.” This is because too many people with great potential died and never truly achieve their God-given dream. 

The giant of greatness in you must be realized, and the power to make an impact must be attained. Potential means power, which is the ability to make the impossible possible. 

This topic is divided into three points.


1. Awake! A call from Babylon to Zion. Isaiah 52:1-2.

Wake Up! Put on strength and dignity, put on the power. Your God is a God of power and might. He created the world with Spoken Command! Activate the giant in you. It is a call to reality, a call to get things right and have priorities placed rightly in life. A call to a new start, forgetting the past and looking forward to what the future holds with the divine help from God. A call to Purity, Holiness, and Righteousness where every gap of sin is closed. Sin is a slow and silent killer, and it is one of the most excellent hunters of great potentials. There is a call to shake off the things of the past. Let go of past errors and mistakes. This is a call to stir up the giant in you, a call you must not miss.


2. Restoration! A call to Comfort. Isaiah 52:3

Life sometimes puts us in a kind of slavery situation whereby we make bad choices and decisions. God told Israel that even though you sold yourselves for nothing; definitely, you will be redeemed with a precious prize that costs nothing! A call to total and absolute restoration, a re-trace from Egypt to Zion. Restoration and Redemption is a must to propel the giant in you to greatness.


3. Don’t Be Distracted! 1 Timothy 4:11-16

Don’t let anyone put you down when the giant is already

awakening. Never allow the opinions of others to determine your steps and action. Hold onto the vision, and it may tarry. However, wait patiently for it because it must surely come to pass.


As you make a U-turn and match unto greatness, I employ you to stay Focused, Watch and Pray. Discernment is Priority! Know who you are in Christ and where you are heading.

Remember Joshua, Caleb, Gideon, Deborah, Ruth, Samuel, David, Daniel, Esther, and Timothy. Follow their footsteps; they are there as an example. Greatness is attainable; work towards it.

God bless!


Acknowledgments: Images from Google.

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